Tailored cover for every situation

We can arrange for you a tailored accident and medical protection plan for in every situation, whether it is for a permanent expatriation, an assignment abroad, for your international guests, for a short term trip or whilst performing professional sports.

For Global citizens

If you have several home locations or travel regularly you need an equally flexible medical plan, regardless of your residence or your nationality.

A free choice of healthcare professionals and hospitals worldwide requires an exclusive international medical plan with unlimited coverage and lifelong renewal guarantee.

We are pleased to find the best possible coverage for your personal situation and look forward to offering you our consultation.

For Expatriates

If your employment requires from you to move abroad and you need a comprehensive international medical protection plan, there are several matters you need to contemplate:

A mandatory medical cover in your exit country has to be considered, even if this is not always in compliance with the laws in your host country.

Greatly influencing the legal obligation to maintain medical coverage in the exit country are the duration of your assignment abroad and in which country your salary is being paid.

In addition it has to be evaluated if any social security agreements between EU/ EFTA and other member states apply.

Most important, however, is finding an optimal coverage for you and your family which is compliant with all legal requirements.

We look forward to offering you our expertise.

For Emigrants

Your local coverage may have to be discontinued due to legal reasons. This is the reason why you should inform yourself about an international medical plan well in advance – ideally before your departure.

There are agreements between the different EU/EFTA states which offer a basic protection in your country of destination, as well as, in most cases in your country of origin. However this depends on your specific social security situation.

In any case you and your family require an international medical plan that suits your individual needs.

A lifelong renewal guarantee is essential for permanent and continuous coverage.

It would be a great advantage to have coverage in your home country, so that you are entitled to receive treatment where your trust in healthcare professionals is greatest.

We are pleased to tailor the optimal medical plan for you and your family.

For Travels only

For international travel protection outside your home country, we offer a private travel assistance policy.

If you need an international emergency coverage for a specific travel period, we suggest the ‘single trip’ plan.
However, if you wish to cover yourself for all your trips, provided that none of them is longer than 4 weeks, you require the ‘annual travel’ plan.

You will find detailed information about our comprehensive coverage in our product brochure.

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This is to ensure that you and your family are at all times and in every location perfectly protected worldwide and receive the best available care through our insurance partner.

The products we provide offer a free choice of healthcare professionals and hospitals and a lifelong renewal guarantee even, in some cases, health conditions in some cases.

We are be pleased to assist from A to Z.

Tailoring international medical insurance plan for you

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